1.He says it was love at first sight with Caroline — those blue eyes of hers really captivated him. He said, “I knew that, no matter what, I was going to make my way over to her.”

2. He says when he’s home, he tries to really be home. He says they love to let their two boys (Bo, 5, and Tate, 3) climb in bed with them at night to watch TV.

3. He doesn’t let Caroline know how much he spends on fishing.

4. He says they don't have big throwdown fights. If there’s a problem, they just talk it out.

5. They have coffee together in the morning, just the two of them. He says it’s his favorite time of the day.

6. They do little nights out together. One Valentine's Day, they got tattoos of each other’s initials on their ring fingers.

7. And finally, every night before bed, he rubs Caroline’s feet. She says they're the best foot rubs on Earth

photo credit: Getty Images