So we asked "What's' the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you"... Mine is documented HERE... The short story is...I DIDN'T DIE.. but the more detailed version of the story is in "segment #3" below..  

About once a year I get invited to go on a "Road Trip" with a buddy who just happens to be a professional illusionist. (By the Way, if you're looking for a motivational speaker, magician, Illusionist, performer....Jason is your dude. Check out his website at ) I said on the air that this trip was to was Rockford Ill.. And boy did we have a good time..

The Below Article was written several years ago and has been "stored" on my Facebook page... Largely this is a copy/paste FROM THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE.


Before I go any further here, I want to let you know up front to set aside about 10 minutes plus reading time for each video. There are six videos total. If you can't do it all in one setting, PLEASE come back and finish it as you have time. I really think it'll be worth it.

Ok, so here's the deal. I was invited by my magician friends, Scott Cantrell, Jason Michaels and Jason's assistant Jamie Thronhill to take a 3day 2night trip to Rockford Illinois. Jason was scheduled to perform for the Rockford Icehogs (minor league hockey) on New Year's Eve.

I decided, just for kicks I would take my video camera along. I had no idea that I would get so much footage of so much drama (and comedy). To give you an idea, I only brought along ONE TAPE which meant that I could only shoot about an hour of video. We ended up having to go to the store to get another set of tapes. All in all I shot about 3hours of video. (plus another hour of "interview segments" after we got back) I set down with the tapes and my computer and pieced together what I think is a pretty cool little documentary about, being on the road. After all the editing was done it lasts about an hour total. This is Secrets & Illusions On the Road - The Rockford Files.

I'll set up each segment for you...

Segment #1
The Day... December 30, 2008, We're scheduled to leave Jason's house at 9:00am. I arrive at about 7:45am, Jason has prepared an incredible breakfast for us before we get on the road. (Jason will make some lucky woman a great wife some day. haha) We eat...and wait...ON JAMIE.

Segment #2
This is the worst part about being on the road...THE ROAD PART. It starts out fun, as you saw in the first video, but then the boredom starts to set in...Have you ever watched paint dry? It's like that in a very small space at about 70mph. THEN..things get interesting as we start getting to the toll roads in Chicago...Jason is a HOOT (That's what he is..)when it comes to toll roads.

Segment #3
This segment is what made this a "documentary" rather than just another "home video". When I brought the camera I had NO IDEA that we would end up having to deal with this kind of drama. When we pulled into the hotel in Rockford, at that very moment, we had a major break in our transportation. We get out and look at the Trail Blazer and each of the front wheels are pointing in opposite directions. You mechanics probably already know what happened, WE HAD NO CLUE. We did realize that we were very lucky that this didn't happen while we were driving. Just before the "break" we made 2 "U-Turns"(legal u-turns of course).. and the driveway to the hotel had a couple of curves to it.. so the BREAK happened IN THE HOTEL PARKING LOT as we pulled in. Add to was insanely cold..which is WHY I even had the camera out in first place.

Segment #4
Well we went to bed, got a decent night's sleep. The next morning Scott gets on the phone and trys to get us fixed up so we can make it to the show. HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO FIND SOMEONE TO FIX A BROKEN CAR?..on new year's eve..PRETTY HARD. However Jason and Scott's positive thinking made it a little easier.

Segment #5
So we make it to the Rockford Metro Center, aka ICEHOGS ARENA and we had a tiny dressing room...we're talking.. very small..but somehow we ended up with 15 chairs in the room..just to name a few of the little "issues" that happened before showtime.

Segment #6
The clock struck midnight, just as we finished... It's New Years did 4 adults celebrate the birh of 2009? I think you'll be surprised.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this trip was. It was fun to hang out with buddies with a common goal..and fix the obsitcals together. At NO POINT in this trip did anyone get frustrated.. Everyone was calm..fixed the issues and put on an incredible show.. Scott, Jason and Jamie are TRUE PROFESSIONALS in not only the MAGIC community but in the SHOW BUSINESS community. My hat is off to them..I'm in awe when i get to watch them work.. I'm even more in awe when they let me help. haha.