Accroding to The Washington Times

1. How much does a 30 second commercial cost? $4 million. Back in 1967 at the first Super Bowl, an ad was only $42,000.

2. How much TV ad revenue did the 2012 Super Bowl generate? $262.5 million.

3. How much was the most expensive ticket to Super Bowl I at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum? $12. Today the top price for a Super Bowl XLVII super seat is $1,200.

4. How many people watched last year’s game on television? 111.3 million people. In 1967, only 24 million tuned in. In fact, Super Bowls are the most watched TV shows of all time, including the World Series and "MASH's" finale. This year viewership just may head towards 112 million mark, even though San Francisco and Baltimore don’t have mega-media markets.

5. Beyoncé will sing at the half time show, even doing a reunion with Destiny’s Child and maybe even a song with hubby Jay-Z, but who were the performers at the first half time show? At the very first Super Bowl the entertainment consisted of two marching bands from the Universities of Michigan and Arizona.

6. How much do the winning and losing teams earn for the Super Bowl? Each member of the 2013 winning team will take home $88,000 and each member of the losing team will earn $44,000.

7. How valuable is the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Valued at more than $25,000, the 20.75 in. trophy weighs 6.70 lbs.

8. How are the host stadiums chosen for the Super Bowl? It has to be warm. A stadium cannot have temperatures less than 50 degrees unless it is held indoors. New Orleans and South Florida are tied at 10 times each as Super Bowl hosts.

9. How much will be bet on the Superbowl 2013? About 200 million people are putting money down for their favorite team with more than $8 billion dollars expected to be wagered.

10. What are the favorite snacks of fans munching at home? Chicken wings are a huge favorite with an estimated 1,250,000,000 expected to be gobbled down. Potato chips are the favorite fast snack, leading the field at 11.2 million pounds to be consumed.

11. What is the favorite beverage? Beer is the drink of choice with 49,300,000 cases of beer expected to be sold for Super Bowl Sunday.

12. How many people will call in with Super Bowl “flu” on Monday? About 700,000 employees will not be at work on February 4.

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