1. The South is good for relationships 

In the conservative South, many more Facebook users are in relationships.

2. Go to Texas

El Paso, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio all made the list.

3. Big cities are bad for relationships

The cliché of urbanites being spoiled with choices when it comes to love seems to be true after all: San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C., are all in the top 10 least likely places for relationships.

4. Stay off the coasts

There seems to be a gap between the coast and the center of the country. New England does not look promising —Boston and Philly have few relationships—and California is even worse. San Francisco has the lowest couple density in the entire selection of cities, and Los Angeles comes in fourth place.

5. Single men love the outdoors 

Those seeking high concentrations of single men should head to cities near outdoor recreation, such as Colorado Springs,  Boise, Idaho, and Vancouver, Washington. And cities with the most single females per single male include Memphis, Tennessee, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia.