Text "Irish" to the Red Cross to donate $10 to this disaster. #bcs”

Notre Dame's offense reminds me of my Ferrari. Because I don't have one. #bcs

#BCS Player of the Game pic.twitter.com/hxHInA6l (AJ McCarron's Girlfriend)

What's the difference between Notre Dame and Cheerios? Cheerios belong in a bowl. #bcs #NotreDame

"Man I'm really surprised how this game is turning out." said no #sec fan ever. #bcs

Watching a bunch of Irish get murdered and I don't know if I should call the police or not. #SEC #BCS

You guys can judge me for watching the #Bachelor all you'd like, but at least this is looking like more of a competition than the #BCS game

They should unveil new BCS standings at halftime to determine who Bama plays in 2nd half #BCS