() A birthday greeting card found in a Chicago novelty shop has the Council on American-Islamic Relations fuming because of its implication that a hijab-wearing doll is a suicide bomber.

The front of the card shows a doll wearing a pink and blue dress and a pink Muslim headscarf with the words, “Pull string for message if you dare!” and “she’ll love you to death! She’ll blow your brains out!”

The birthday message inside reads, “Hope your birthday is a BLOW OUT!”

The Jordan-based website Albawaba reports: “It appears that the birthday card is based on an actual doll, marketed to girls in the Arab world. The Aamina Muslim doll speaks Arabic phrases when the string in her back is pulled.”

According to CAIR, the birthday card is manufactured by NobleWorks Inc., whose website features multiple raunchy and expletive-filled greeting cards, including ones that might be considered offensive to devout Christians.

Ahmed Rehab, executive director of CAIR’s Chicago office, is not amused by the hijab doll birthday card, which he characterizes as “bigoted.”

“We missed the humor,” he wrote in a post for CAIR Chicago’s blog, the Chicago Monitor. “The unmistakable message behind the ‘humor’ is that even the most peaceful looking Muslims are synonymous and exchangeable with terrorists.”

“Islamophobic generalizations and negative stereotypes often hit those who are most visibly perceived as Muslim, and women wearing the Hijab are often the group hit the hardest,” Rehab wrote.

Rehab told Chicago station WGN, “It basically correlates Muslims and terrorism.”

“There’s nothing about that doll, other than that she’s a Muslim, that caused the makers of the card to think it was funny to put blurbs on the box of the doll to say, ‘Let me blow you up!,’ ‘Let me love you to death,’” he added.

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