So Janet Hubris is back in the news saying that she’d like to patch things up with Will Smith.

Janet, who played the original mom for three seasons on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” told TheGrio in an interview that she’d like to squash her feud with Will and the rest of the cast and make peace.

CocoaFab caught up with Tatyana Ali, and asked her if a reunion might be on the horizon anytime soon.

“I’m not sure. A reunion with us playing our characters? I don’t know. I’ll never say never, but I know that one of the things … Fresh Prince ended at six years, which is actually kind of short, when you consider the ‘Cosby Show’ and all these other shows that went on for like 11, 12, 10 years,” she tells CocoaFab exclusively. “But the reason (Will Smith) did that is because he wanted to end the show while it was on top. Like, he wanted to keep it clean and pristine and I think he achieved that.”

But let’s say they *did* have a reunion. Then what?

“I don’t know where our characters would be,” Tatyana says with a giggle. “Like, Ashley’s now how old? What is she doing? When I look back, I think ‘Damn, I was skinny!’ In the earlier episodes, I’m like, ‘Oh my God,the feather bangs and the flower dresses is a bit much!‘ But other than being totally critical of myself and being totally egotistical … I actually sit down and I enjoy the show. It’s so good. It’s still really good and I couldn’t enjoy it when I was younger, because we were just all in the middle of it.”


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