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Casey Kasem's whereabouts are a bit of a mystery at the moment. A judge has ordered an investigation into where the "Top 40" host is. An attorney for his wife says he's been removed from the country, according to Fox News.

His daughter Kerri Kasem filed court papers claiming the radio legend's wife Jean is preventing Casey's children from visiting him.  A judge appointed temporary conversatorship to Kerri during a hearing on Monday.  The judge said he's concerned about the health of Kasem whose location is not clear. 

Kerri Kasem's attorney told the judge her 82-year-old father may be in Washington State on an Indian reservation. 

A June 20th hearing is expected to determine a permanent conservatorship.  A battle had been waging for months between Jean Kasem and Casey Kasem's children over who should be looking after Casey, who is suffering from symptoms similar to advanced Parkinson's disease. 

Kerri Kasem's sister Julie and her husband made a similar request for temporary conservatorship last year, but Julie and Jean reached a settlement just before Christmas. 

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