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(Yahoo!) - We’re all thoroughly in love with Miranda Lambert’s new video for “Mama’s Broken Heart”—as if we could love her any more? The famously fiery songstress is known for going off the rails in her songs and videos, but she reaches new heights in this particular clip, both visually and dramatically.

Lambert portrays her best Stepford Wife in the beginning of the video, perfectly coiffed and gowned…but quickly degenerates into a reasonable facsimile of—dare we say it?—Courtney Love, complete with ripped fishnets, tangled blond hair, cigarettes, and smeared makeup.

But, aside from the fun of seeing Lambert unravel into a punk-rock mess, most notable is how the singer’s acting skills have expanded considerably with this project. She displays a pitch-perfect balance of humor with drama in the clip, right down to the forced/crazed smile she sports while examining a carving knife at the dinner table.

Lambert’s noted before that she has no real desire to act (her one-off spot last year on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit notwithstanding). But with this latest performance, it seems like it won’t be long before we see a lot more of Lambert in the acting capacity—and not just on reality shows like the Voice and Project Runway