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(Yahoo!) - If you take it from Taylor Swift, the average 22-year-old journals about feelings, enjoys vintage bikinis and porkpie hats, and has an endless supply of gal pal clones to eat ice cream with.

Not on Conan O'Brien's watch.

The late night funnyman recorded a YouTube clip in response to Swift's music video for "22," a single extolling the ups and downs of her age. (Though, actually, she's 23 now.)

"We're happy, free, confused, and lonely, at the same time," Swift sings. O’Brien, 50, does not share the same experience.

"I know what it's like to be 22, I dont think that's an accurate representation of what its like to be 22." he said, "You're not living in that apartment, you're living in a really crappy $380-a-month apartment in the mid-Wilshire district in Los Angeles," said Conan.

And there aren't any Etsy-curated dishes or vintage soda bottles to be found.

"I didn't see any ramen noodles in that video, because that's all your eating when you're 22," the late-night host insisted.

O'Brien gave a few other choice insights into his young adulthood.

"I didn't see her driving a 1973 Plymouth Valiant, that she bought form some surfers in Santa Monica. You only buy it because it had air conditioning and then the air conditioning didn't work and the surfers laughed when you left," he said.

"You're a freak so no one talks to you. You just sit in your apartment and you watch 'Saved By The Bell' and eat ramen noodles,” O’Brien added. “And occasionally you spice it up by having lucky charms ... that's what it's like for everybody when you're 22."

Check out Swift's clip for "22" below, then Conan's response.