There is a new morning show in town! This week, launching nationwide, is The Bobby Bones Show.

During a press conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Bobby Bones announced that he his launching his new country morning show nationally. Bobby and his crew will be live every morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., as they bring on all of your favorite country music artists, in addition to counting down what's hot on the country music charts, while also mixing in a little comedy.

Even though he couldn't make it, Bobby's first guest on the show Brad Paisley, kicked the conference off with a special video message - dressed as Captain America, as he congratulated Bobby on his national radio show. 

Country stars who were in attendance at the Press Conference included Jake Owen, Gloriana, Jana Kramer, Dustin Lynch, and more. 

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Bobby revealed that his crew doesn't have much radio experience but says, "I want people to laugh. We want to entertain and laugh, and that's really the goal." He also says, "We're all just interesting, odd people." Joining Bobby in the morning are his co-hosts Amy, Lunchbox, Ray, and producers Alayna and Eddie.

The Bobby Bones Show will appeal, as Bobby himself says, to the "new generation of country." And having an extra hour to incorporate artists into the countdown show, Bobby explains that he wants to include everyone, even if they're not necessarily a "Top 30" country artist. He says he wants to "bring a fun cultrure shock to country radio." 

Get to know The Bobby Bones Show:

And check out this special message from Bobby from before the press conference: