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(Yahoo!) - Jennifer Nettles apparently has been enjoying an unusually productive maternity leave. The Sugarland singer, who has been (seemingly) laying low since the birth of her son in December, has announced she'll be releasing a solo album with a target date of Fall 2013.

But wait, there's more--Nettles will be working with famed producer Rick Rubin for the new project. Rubin has helmed releases by a score of storied artists, including Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, and many others.

"I am absolutely thrilled and wholly proud to be working with Rick Rubin on my new solo album," Nettles stated on Friday. "“If you ask any musician who is on their producer 'bucket list’, Rick would be on each and every one."

As for Rubin, he seems just as excited by the collaboration. "It’s thrilling to hear her sing!" he told Rolling Stone, adding that the new record will combine a variety of musical styles but still retain Nettles's signature sound.

According to the publication, Rubin and Nettles have been spending the past few weeks working in Rubin's Malibu studio, and have come up with around 20 songs so far.

Nettles's musical partner in Sugarland, Kristian Bush, is also working on solo material. He released his first solo single, "Love Or Money," in March.

Nettles will be stepping out in Las Vegas Sunday as a presenter at the Billboard Music Awards. The show airs live on ABC from the MGM Grand Resort at 8 p.m. ET.


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