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Kellie Pickler's next album is on the way.  The country star's fourth studio project, The Woman I Am, will hit stores November 11th. 

Kellie says the title track was inspired by a question that came up during an interview.  She recalls that she was asked which of her songs best describes her "in a nutshell," that she would recommend to someone who doesn't listen to country music and is unfamiliar with her work. Pickler says she didn't really have an answer, and told the interviewer she didn't think she'd "written it yet." 

But she has now.  Kellie says later that night she and her husband Kyle Jacobs wrote The Woman I Am.  It's one of three tracks Kellie co-wrote for the disc.  The album also features Pickler's two most recent singles, "Someone Somewhere Tonight" and "Little Bit Gypsy." 

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