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Just a day ago, Taylor Swift tweeted that she was back in the studio, doing what she does best. But it would have been a little too soon for an official "Haylor" break-up song to be leaked on the internet. But a YouTube video with lyrics surfaced online, of such a tune, with the singer sounding eerily like T-Swift, causing many to think it was really her.

The songs lyrics obviously call out Harry Styles: 

"Those green eyes, those lips"

"New York City, what a beauty to our eyes, you held my hand for the first time."

"No one's ever gonna sing Stevie Wonder to me again."

"I'll miss your kiss and your curly hair."

"You walk around naked and cover my eyes."

The song is was titled "I'm Alright," but usually Swifty's songs are a little bit more subtle. This song is blatently about Harry. "I'm Alright" was recorded and uploaded to a SoundCloud page by "JerseyGreenII" and later made its way to YouTube and to the ears of everyone expecting Taylor's next big break-up anthem. 

Check it out: 

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