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Carrie Underwood says her opening monologue for this year's CMA Awards "is coming along quite well," even though she’s been out of town and unable to spend much “in-room time” with co-host Brad Paisley. Carrie says they make the most progress when they are together. 

Brad agrees. He says that five years co-hosting the show guarantees that their personalities will find their way into the mix. He says, "Our personalities find their way in for sure, I can see it now, I mean every year it’s sort of something where we know what to do a little more. I hope we get this one knocked out by Wednesday night."

Meanwhile, Brad Paisley is ready to talk fashion. When asked about likely wardrobe changes during Wednesday night's broadcast, he says at least three, with one full body for sure. Carrie Underwood, who rushed through a dozen costume changes last year, says her wardrobe plans are slightly lighter this year, but she’ll “do what she can.”

One thing Carrie and Brad say will definitely be mentioned: twerking.

The 47th annual CMA Awards air Wednesday, November 6th on ABC.