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The 46th annual CMA Awards started off in a very entertaining way. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood proved why they make a great team as they opened the awards show. It's safe to say that if their country singing careers don't work out, they both would make excellent comedians or k-pop back-up dancers.

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As the show started, Brad cracked a joke about the Kennedys and their relationship with Taylor Swift, who WAS dating the young Conor Kennedy. But obviously Brad didn't hear the news of the ex-couple's recent break-up, as his co-host Carrie had to fill him in. Then the conversation ended on a lighter note when Brad asked Carrie if they will ever ever get back together, to which the answer was "like never ever." Nice play on words Carrie!

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Brad wasn't the only one a bit confused on stage. After Brad had mentioned he learned the true meaning of "motorboating" from Little Big Town, Carrie seemed to think the term had a different meaning - until Brad cleared things up for her.

The intro really heated up when Brad put on his sunglasses and broke out into the famous Gangnam Style dance with his co-host. The two were perfectly synchronized in their every dance move. If Psy ever needs back-up dancers, these two would definitely make a great addition. Heyyyy sexy Paisley!

The hosts also recognized Willie Nelson, who was being honored at the awards show. When Brad pointed out that Willie must return his previous CMA trophies because of doping charges, the country legend simply (and jokingly) replied "guilty." Way to be a good sport Willie!

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