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Wynonna Judd is sharing more details about her husband's motorcycle accident.  Cactus Moser, who's also the drummer in the country star's band, lost his leg and nearly lost his life in last summer's crash. 

Wynonna tells "Us Weekly" she remembers standing over Cactus, wondering whether he was alive or not, and repeating to herself, "Be calm, be calm."  She says once she knew he was alive, she noticed the leg was gone, and saw remnants of it all over the highway.  

The singer adds that she just stood there, trying to make sense of it all.  

Both Wynonna and Cactus admit they've each been going through a healing process over the past seven months, which hasn't always been easy.  Cactus explains that they're "living two different realities," and they've learned to respect that they each have their "own pain." 

Wynonna and Cactus are featured on the cover of the new issue of "Us Weekly," which will be on newsstands Friday. 

The crash occurred last August in Deadwood, South Dakota.  Wy and Cactus were riding together on separate bikes when Cactus collided with an oncoming vehicle.  They were in Deadwood for a series of shows, which were cancelled.  Wynonna and Cactus were just married two months before the accident, but they've been a couple since 2009. 

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