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(99.1 WQIK) - Sheryl Crow is goin' country!

She paid a visit to Jacksonville’s Country, 99.1 WQIK, to play & chat about her new country music.

Sheryl told WQIK's Big Show, that being from a small town in Missouri, they used to say they were so redneck, because she grew up on a pontoon boat. She also divulged that every weekend every summer, they would go barefoot skiing on paddles and eat potted meat and pork rinds and drink Bud Light.

Listen to the full interviews below: 

Sheryl's debut country single is called, “Easy,” and her album is scheduled to come out later this summer or in early fall!

She played some of her new music while at WQIK, as well as a few old favorites. Watch below!

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