Thompson Square's Keifer Thompson says he and Shawna didn't contribute quite as much to their new album as they did to their first studio effort. 

But he tells that they have no objections to recording songs written by other people.  He says they've "been very fortunate" to have developed friendships and collaborate with some great songwriters whom they call on for songs.  Either Keifer, Shawna, or both of them had a hand in writing nine of the 12 songs on their 2011 self-titled debut disc, but only co-wrote six of the 13 tracks on Just Feels Good.  

LISTEN TO Just Feels Good before you can buy it HERE

Keifer admits it was really a matter of time, explaining that as Thompson Square took off they were only left with a few days each month to write.  But he says they're still very happy with the material they have for Just Feels Good.  

The new album features the duo's current single, "If I Didn't Have You," which Keifer and Shawna did help write.  Just Feels Good will be in stores on Tuesday.