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(Yahoo!) - Listening to Nashville newcomer Maggie Rose's debut album, Cut To Impress--a powerful, infectious concoction incorporating elements of rock and blues into the twang--one has to share her sentiment, "It's a good time to be in country right now!"

Certainly nobody would know this better than Maggie, who although always rooted firmly in the idea of country music, came to the genre in a roundabout way. She was raised in the Washington D.C. area--where, "there's not a lot of aspiring country musicians; I was doing something very unique that you don't see in my community," she notes--and started getting her musical footing as part of a rock band… a Bruce Springsteen cover band, actually!

Sound like an odd place for a country gal to hone her chops? As it happened, the band was a fine place for the aspiring performer to test out different genres. Maggie used the opportunity to sing just about anything that ever appealed to her: "All sorts of music, from Mary Chapin Carpenter to Shania Twain. Bonnie Raitt, No Doubt, Melissa Etheridge, Sugarland. Just a whole array of songs."

From there, it was just a matter of time before she started adding some of her original music to the set. "It really offered me the platform to get my original music out to people for the first time in front of a live audience."


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