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(Yahoo!) - There’s more drama in the air for LeAnn Rimes—but this time, it doesn’t have anything to do with her marriage, her figure, or Brandi Glanville. The country singer is now embroiled in a legal battle with, of all people…her dentist!

Rimes filed a malpractice suit against Dr. Duane C. McKay on Thursday, claiming that the services he’d provided over the past three years have affected her career.

How’s that? Well, apparently, McKay fitted Rimes with crowns and veneers with the intent of treating painful TMJ, as well as just plain old improving her smile’s appearance. However, Rimes states that his work was subpar enough to put her in worse pain, plus endure nine root canals, bone grafting, a temporary bridge, and even physical therapy as a result—with the sum being that she’s felt unable to perform at times due to the ordeal.

Rimes is seeking an undisclosed amount of money to cover damages, loss of wages, medical expenses, and the emotional turmoil she’s been through.

The superstar hid her distress over the matter quite well, with not a whisper of the matter on Twitter (where she is famous for being quite open and outspoken). In fact, on Saturday, she tweeted a photo of herself at the hairstylist, sporting new dramatic bangs...and a big toothy smile.


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