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(Yahoo!) - If one of the vocalists in new pop/rock/Americana trio Blue Sky Riders sounds, well, not-so-new to you--don't worry, you're not out of your mind. The founding member of the band happens to be Kenny Loggins, who's responsible for some of the biggest hits of the past few decades. Suffice to say: You have heard him before.

It's this very familiarity that sets the stage for Blue Sky Riders' aural magic, however. Loggins, accompanied by veteran Nashville songwriters/performers (and, incidentally, happily married couple) Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr, grabs listener's attention immediately with his recognizable tenor, allowing the others to vocally soar energetically over and under and around--creating a whole new blend. It's easy to hear on their debut album, Finally Home, that this is a collaboration that puts a premium on truly enjoying its work.


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