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(TMZ) - Carrie Underwood is ditching her last remaining tie to "American Idol." The modest crib she bought in Tennessee to celebrate winning the crown in 2005. 

Now that Carrie's a bonafide country music multi-millionaire, she just sold off the 2,956-square-foot home in Franklin, TN (Google it - tons of celebs live there) for $372,500. 

The country superstar bought the 3-bedroom, 3.5-bath house for $384k - ya know BEFORE she sold over 15 million albums and married a pro hockey star. 

The house is pretty great - for a non-famous person - hardwood floors, spacious kitchen, garage, fireplace, all that normal house stuff. 

Carrie's far from homeless. She and husband Mike Fisher dropped $3.2 million on 400 acres of land in nearby Nashville back in 2011 to build their dream home. 

'Cause they're moving on up ...


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