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Blake Shelton says there is no title track on his new album "Based on a True Story..." says the country star explained at a recent media event that he dislikes the practice of naming an album after a song, calling it "a cop out." 

Shelton has done so with three of his seven studio discs, and admitted he felt like he "wimped out" when he did.  He said the name "Based on a True Story..." stems from how closely he identifies with the material on the album. 

He explained that every song addresses a situation he's either been through or is currently experiencing.  Blake recalled that as he listened to the entire album he could hear his life in it "from start to finish," so he thought "Based on a True Story..." was an honest and appropriate title. 

Blake will be marking his album's arrival with a performance this morning on NBC's "Today."  But that's not all the singer has going on this week.  He's also back on TV with the return of NBC's "The Voice," which launched its fourth season on Monday.  Another episode airs tonight. 

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